Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ANG SPOILED - Yaya & Angelina in "ANG MASCOT" - Bubble Gang Video January 16, 2009

Here's the latest 'mis'adventure of TV's zaniest duo, spoiled bratty Angelina & you're-such-a-Loser Angelina in this episode 'Ang Mascot' which aired January 16, 2009

MOYMOY PALABOY & ROADFILL Lipsyncs "TULIRO" with Ryza Cenon in Bubble Gang's IyoTube - January 16, 2009

Roadfill playing a 'torpe' guy and a probinsyano type of guy who falls in love with a sweet lass, Ryza Cenon but Ryza has her eye on a rocker named Moymoy Palaboy in this Bubble Gang's IyoTube video segment which aired last night January 16, 2009. The duo lipsyncs the tune 'TULIRO' by the Spongecola.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MANNY PACQUIAO Agrees 50-50 Revenue Share with RICKY HATTON, Pacman Plays Basketball - Video January 15, 2009

Manny Pacquiao was convinced by Bob Arum to agree on the 50-50 revenue share with Ricky Hatton in the upcoming bout. Pacman originally wants a 60-40 split in his favor but Hatton camp threatened to call off the fight. Bob Arum said as consolation, Manny will get half of the revenues from the television rights of their fight in Britain. Also in the video below, Manny Pacquiao plays basketball in GenSan. Video aired January 15, 2009 from 24 Oras.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

MOYMOY PALABOY & ROADFILL Lipsynchs "HOT IN HERRE (by Nelly)" on BUBBLE GANG's IyoTube Segment - aired January 9 2009

Here's another Bubble Gang IyoTube segment featuring Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill's lipsyncing of Nelly's HOT IN HERRE (It's really speelledd with a double R !). Girl fans are thrilled that Roadfill has gone topless heRRe for the first time hahaha !

Saturday, January 3, 2009

ANG SPOILED - Yaya & Angelina in 'PAIN' - A BUBBLE GANG Comedy Segment aired January 2, 2009

Here's the latest and first video of Yaya (Michael V.) & Angelina (Ogie Alcasid) for 2009 in Ang Spoiled which aired January 2, 2009

MOYMOY PALABOY & ROADFILL Lipsynchs "CLOSE TO YOU (The Carpenters)" on BUBBLE GANG's IyoTube - Their 1st video for 2009

Here's the latest video and their first IyoTube video for the year 2009. Moymoy Palaboy & Roadfill lipsynchs a Burt Bacharach classic 'Close To You' performed by the Carpenters, Karen and Richard. From Bubble Gang's IyoTube video segment aired January 2, 2009

MANNY PACQUIAO's New Bouncing Baby Girl named QUEEN ELIZABETH PACQUIAO Born in the U.S.A. - Video Dec. 31, 2008

Here's a video from 24 Oras featuring Manny Pacquiao's bouncing baby girl born in the U.S. named Queen Elizabeth. That's an unusual name for a girl of Filipino descent, well it's a sounding name of royalty in the monarchy of England. Incidentally, the name Queen Elizabeth coincides with the Pacman's next bout with Ricky Hatton who is pure British.

Video courtesy of c2rax of YouTube

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Unlock iPhone 3G successful with my TMobile sim

I did it! So I jumped for joy and make text and received a call using TMobile freedom.

Use Installer or Cydia to install yellowsn0w, which is completely free. Here are the addresses you have to use to add yellowsn0w to your installer application:

For Cydia enter: http://apt9.yellowsn0w.com/
For Installer enter: http://i.yellowsn0w.com/
Note: SN(0)W is a Number

1. Download and install BossPrefs and Yellowsn0w via Cydia
2. Disable all Functions with BossPrefs (don´t worry if you can´t disable EDGE)
3. Reboot ypur Phone with BossPrefs (not in the normally way - important !)
4. Wait 1.30 min when you see the Lockscreen
5. Take out your Sim and insert it.
6. Wait a moment
7. Go on Settings and Turn on the fly mode
8. Turn off Fly Mode
9. take out t-mobile sims
10.put in at&t sims for 1minute
11. take out AT&T sims card
12. put in T-mobile Sims
13. USA t-mobile RASTA!!!

Hope this will help you to unlock yours,
dev team site >>> http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

Here's some photo of my iPhone 3G.
iPhone 3G with CYDIA Jailbroken

TMobile Network iPhone 3G sweet!

Macro shot

Photo from gizmodo.com i post here to for the fans of Star Wars like me hahaha
destroyed Death Star space station and a Millennium Falcon space ship.