Thursday, January 1, 2009

Unlock iPhone 3G successful with my TMobile sim

I did it! So I jumped for joy and make text and received a call using TMobile freedom.

Use Installer or Cydia to install yellowsn0w, which is completely free. Here are the addresses you have to use to add yellowsn0w to your installer application:

For Cydia enter:
For Installer enter:
Note: SN(0)W is a Number

1. Download and install BossPrefs and Yellowsn0w via Cydia
2. Disable all Functions with BossPrefs (don´t worry if you can´t disable EDGE)
3. Reboot ypur Phone with BossPrefs (not in the normally way - important !)
4. Wait 1.30 min when you see the Lockscreen
5. Take out your Sim and insert it.
6. Wait a moment
7. Go on Settings and Turn on the fly mode
8. Turn off Fly Mode
9. take out t-mobile sims
10.put in at&t sims for 1minute
11. take out AT&T sims card
12. put in T-mobile Sims
13. USA t-mobile RASTA!!!

Hope this will help you to unlock yours,
dev team site >>>

Here's some photo of my iPhone 3G.
iPhone 3G with CYDIA Jailbroken

TMobile Network iPhone 3G sweet!

Macro shot

Photo from i post here to for the fans of Star Wars like me hahaha
destroyed Death Star space station and a Millennium Falcon space ship.

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