Thursday, December 18, 2008

Las Vegas Biggest Snows in its History December 17 2008

Las Vegas was digging out today after from one of the biggest snows in its history — anywhere from 1 to 8 inches fell throughout the valley Wednesday.
The rarities continued Wednesday night with the Clark County School District's announcement that students are getting a snow day today. It's the first snow day for Clark County students since 1979, when a storm dropped 9.9 inches of snow in January that year.
Metro Police are reporting dozens of accidents every hour and have blocked off several major roads and exits. Snowfall is expected to continue through Wednesday Dec 17 2008 night into the early hours of Thursday, bring 3 to 6 inches to the Valley.

Here's my personal photo using Sony A300 camera. Henderson, Nevada 8 inches of snow.

Henderson Nevada Dec. 17 2008 1:30pm

Henderson Nevada Dec. 17 2008 2:19pm

Henderson Nevada Dec. 17 2008 2:58pm

Henderson Nevada Dec. 17 2008 3:00pm

Henderson Nevada. Car keep on sliding sweet am Drifting but sad my car is front wheel drive Civic Coupe EX 94. Notworking good on a snow like this. Going to Park Dec. 17 2008 3:00pm

Engine running for heater to keep my winshield clear of ice. Sled time

Henderson Nevada Dec. 17 2008 4:48pm

Henderson Nevada. Just woke up Dec. 18 2008 8:18am

Henderson Nevada. Dec. 18 2008 8:48am


Henderson Nevada. PLAYTIME Dec 18 2008 8:50am

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