Friday, December 5, 2008


LAS VEGAS--There was some few tense moments here yesterday at the final press conference of the De la Hoya-Pacquiao fight after co-promoter Bob Arum mispronounced the name of Ilocos Sur ex-governor Chavit Singson.
Arum, apparently unaware why Singson joined the presidential table of the press conference when his name was not part of the list, had to approach Pacquiao for the name of the guy who was seated beside promoter Rex 'Wakee' Salud and Nevada Athletic Commission chairma Keith Kizer on the presidential table.

When Arum went back to the podium, he announced "He is a very popular personage from the Philippines. He is Mr. Takison, whatever."
At the media room following the press conference, Arum told a group of mediamen that Singson was not originally in the line-up of people who would join the presidential table.

"He (Singson) should not have been there. Manny's brother should have been on that seat," Arum told the media, referring to Pacquiao's younger Rogel.

The incident only highlighted the growing consensus of some media people that Team Pacquiao is a bloated mixture of personalities made up of different agenda.

Unfortunately, Singson was caught in the crossfire, and whoever put him in that presidential table in lieu of Rogel Pacquiao definitely has some agenda to perpetuate.

In contrast, Team De la Hoya looked every bit lean and mean, each member having a clear set of job description assigned to him

Mr. Takison, ouch !

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