Friday, October 31, 2008

Nintendo DSi with dual cameras, Comming this Summer 2009

US release date of its new DSi handheld has now been narrowed to the summer of 2009, according to president Satoru Iwata. That's a whole lot better than "well into" 2009 if you ask us. Meanwhile, Japan gets theirs starting Saturday for ¥18,900 or about $192 tax-inclusive -- that's up from $178 earlier this month thanks to a skyrocketing Yen. Nintendo has already shipped 200,000 of the slimmer, dual-cam handheld consoles in preparation for weekend sales with another 100,000 planned for the following week. Clearly there's no such thing as an economic slowdown in the land that Mario built.

The DSi also features an SD memory card slot, making it possible to take pictures with the DSi and then view them on the Nintendo Wii. The DSi features a built-in browser, and it's possible to download games and keep them on the DSi.

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