Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DAYO Digital Animated Movie 100% Made by PINOYS - Coming Soon DECEMBER 2008 Entry for the METRO MANILA FILM FESTIVAL

DAYO is the first all-digital full length feature animated film made in the Philippines. Cutting Edge Productions is proud to offer a revolutionary Philippine film that is set to make Filipinos proud.

With the use of stylus screen panels (without the use of pencil and paper) Pinoy animators are able to bring their creative imaginations to life.


'DAYO' Movie Trailer

Directed by Robert Quilao, Dayo also features the voice talents of Laurice Guillen, Peque Gallaga, Nova Villa, Noel Trinidad, Pokwang, and Michael V. Gerard Salonga does the film score, with Lea Salonga performing the theme.

Note: What is truly exciting about DAYO is the appearance of the wacky duo Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill in the film, plus the lending of the duo's real voices in a song number. How they would look like in animated form, well that's someting we have to find out.

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