Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christian Bale ('Batman' star of The Dark Knight) Arrested in London on July 22, 2008 - Pics & Video from 24 ORAS

British news reported that Christian Bale's mother Jenny Bale and sister Sharon Bale told the police that Christian Bale assaulted them at the Dorchester Hotel in London last Sunday night July 20, 2008. Christian Bale said that the allegations were false after he was arrested yesterday July 22, 2008, Christian Bale star of the box-office hit The Dark Knight spent four hours talking with the police then he was released. No charge was done. Further details on the reasons for Christian Bale's arrest and that of the 'family matters' are yet to be reported.

Here's a video from the Philippines' 24 Oras News Program featuring Christian Bale's arrest.

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Patrick Roberts said...

Bale seems too composed and in-control of himself to ever physically go after anyone... sounds like one or the other of the women might do whatever it takes to get some extra coin