Monday, June 9, 2008

RUDY FERNANDEZ, Latest TV News Report in Videos Today June 9, 2008 Monday

Video # 1 of 3 - 24 ORAS news program of GMA-7 reports in detail the latest events on the death of Philippine action star RUDY FERNANDEZ.

Video # 2 of 3 - A look back on Rudy Fernandez's past films, achievements, actor awards, all in a nutshell. And a comprehensive report of the peri-ampullary cancer that caused the death of Rudy Fernandez. Causes of peri-ampullary cancer are 1.) SMOKING 2.) FATTY FOODS 3.) HEREDITARY

Video # 3 of 3 - Flashback to March 2008 when Rudy Fernandez celebrated his birthday with friends from showbiz and his journey to the U.S. for the Pacquiao vs. Marquez 'Unfinished Business' bout.

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